UPDATED 18/03/17 - email laid-back@blueyonder.co.uk or laidbackscotland@googlemail.com for prices on anything. The older the demo the greater the saving. Many bikes listed here can be seen on VELOVISION at http://www.velovision.com/advertiser-offers/ /tr> /tr> /tr> /tr> /tr>
NEW DEMO Nazca Fuego XT 20/26 with 27 spds 9-speed, medium frame, medium seat, apple green frame, Avid BB7, tiller, tires Marathon Kojak, shifters XT, crankset M590 48-36-26, cassette 11-32, side stand, Ventisit. Arguably the most comfortable, easy to use recumbent for the widest range of riders. Frame and seat angle adjust from highest in its semi-low racer class to virtually a low racer. The two wheeled equivalent of the excellent ICE Sprint.
NEW DEMO HERE Circe Helios Tandem Duo 18 speed 2017 version - BB7 disc brakes front only This new model has a Titan rear rack. Circe have also introduced a new two part Cargo rack option - making the Helios into a load bike with a wider and longer rear rack area. We have this versatile addtion to bolt on if required. Other gearing options are available - eg 22 speed (Alfine 11 hub combined with two chain rings). Alfine 8 or 11 speed and Rohloff 14 speed options are available. Ex-demo price for our Duo on enquiry.
NEW DEMO - ICE Sprint 26 20/20/26 with 27 spds - bar end shifters - Firex 44/34/22 chainset. Red frame 2017 livery. Mudguards, rack. BB7 Disc Brakes. Arguably the most comfortable, most versatile, most fun trike around. This year ICE are taking the large back wheel theme onto the Adventure range too. Either way you can tour in full comfort on a machine with a really well worked out, easy to use fold. Latest model with lower gearing.
NEW DEMO ARRIVING SOON - ICE Adventure 20/20/20 with 27 spds - SRAM X5 - Firex 48/36/26 chainset. Blue frame in new 2017 livery. Mudguards, rack. BB7 Disc Brakes. Comapct most versatile higher seat trike. With slightly more ground clearance this can be better for light 'off-roading' on forestry paths etc..
DEMO - NOT FOR SALE Schlitter Encore Carbon 700 700/700 with 20 spds Carbon seat, carbon fork, carbon frame. Bentrider (www.bentrideronline.com) say: "Schlitter’s mission sounds like an impossible one. They set out to make a custom carbon fiber highracer that was fast, versatile and cost about the same as the average aluminum recumbent. Oh… And they came up with a new cockpit design that no one had tried before while they were at it. That’s a very tall order for your first time out, but they’ve done it." These bikes are made to order so only riders in the 1.8 to 1.9 range may fit or demo. If you are shorter or taller that's no problem as Schlitter will make one for you! Worth looking at if you've ever thought recumbents were too low, too slow, too difficult to ride or too heavy. ALSO REVIEWED ON DAVE McCRAW'S SITE
NOW SOLD FULLY SPECCED- ICE Sprint 26 Suspension / Rohloff Edition with SON 20/20/26 with 14 spds - Rohloff - SON hub with charger This is a local customer's long distance tour trike. Sadly he's unable to get use of it so has asked me to collect notes of interest. Pictures to come shortly. Sprint 26RS Red - Suspension all round - Rohloff - Sprint X wheels - SPR Hydraulic discs - SON hub - BB7 parking brake - Air Pro carbon seat - Marathon Plus - Pannier Rack suspension - mudguards - front light and charger for Garmin. This spec came to over £6,000. Best offer gets a fully equipped trike in a first class state.
NOW SOLD - ICE Sprint RS 20/20/20 with 27 spds - SRAM X5 - Firex 44/34/22 chainset. Blue frame. Mudguards, BB7 Brakes. Compact and fun this Sprint demo allows you to compare and contrast the best in three wheeled riding. Also available for hire.
NOW SOLD - ICE Adventure HD 20/20/20 with 27 spds - bar end shifters - Firex 44/34/22 chainset. Blue frame. Mudguards, rack. 90mm SA Drum Brakes. Featuring a higher, more upright and larger seat than the Sprint this new demo allows you to compare and contrast the best in three wheeled riding. Also available for hire.
NOW SOLD Nazca Gaucho 28 XT 700/700 with 30 spds XT 10-speed, carbon large seat, carbon Enigma CX disc front fork, red frame, Avid BB7 disc on front / calliper on back, tiller, tyres Continental Grand Prix, shifters XT, crankset Shimano 105 triple 50-39-30, cassette 11-34, Ventisit, Air shock. The Gaucho is the lightest model in Nazca's range and blends the comfortable seat and frame adjustability of the Fuego with a lighter 700c wheelset. We fitted 165 cranks to provide a more relaxed knee angle. All in all a very nice machine for riders taller than 180cm. This model is the more reclined version of the Gaucho which we feel works nicley. Luggage can be carried with a Radicla Aero bag if required. For heavier touring we recommend the Gaucho Tour 26. This also comes in twin 24 and twin 28 (700c) versions with a wide range of steering and equipment options.
NOW SOLD - Bacchetta Bella 20/26 Long wheelbase 'bent 20/26 with 27 spds X-7 gears - 27 speed - Customer's bike with very low use (as he has other bikes and trikes!). This is 'easy riding' deluxe. Sitting postions is more Harley style with a large adjsutable seat and long tiller bar. Comes with bag and rack to fit. Lightweight frame in aluminium with grey powdercaot. Medium frame does most sizes. Take it for a test ride round block here - a fun intro to going Laid Back.
DEMO - NOT FOR SALE - M5 CHR 700c with 27 spds New Blue FEM Carbon frame. Carbon sport seat with Ventisit. Mavic Open Pro with 23mm tyres / or Shimano R500 with 28mm tyres. ICE headrest withe rear light mounted. Nazca front light mount. 155 52/39/30 chainset so this can be ridden buy less tall riders. Is optimal design for tall riders though. Possibly the fastest production recumbent ever made. Bram Moens at M5 put in years of experience to get the lightest, stiffest, most aero design possible. This design took two stages on the Viking 2014 Tour through Norway.
DEMO - NOT FOR SALE - Nazca Quetzal 24 Tandem 24/24 Rohloff 14 spd with rack Aerobars. Night blue with rack and aerobars. This gives a good idea of the ride position of the Gaucho 26. Laid back riding for two is here. Equipped with B+M Luxos U and SON. Integrated light and USB charger.
NOW SOLD Performer Saki 700/700 with 20 spds This bike is now back from its Velo Vision review for issue 52. This is like a neater version of the Optima High Baron (no longer made). Aluminium frame with carbon fork. Mavic Aksium 700c wheelset. SRAM X9 compact double. Tiller steerer.